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Kebun Bandar Cairo, Abbaseya


 Hello peeps, i would like to share about my second project.
How to plant vegetables inside the pots in Cairo.
especially M'sian veges.

The most important part for this activities/hobby is knowing the type of the soil. In Cairo,we mainly can find 2 types of soil which are :

  • Turab Botani (well draining, loose and not so heavy). the price is Le 4/kg in 2015
  • Turab Baladi ( like clay soil,hardened when dry,quite sandy) the price is Le 3/kg.
btw,turob mean soil. We can find these soil in good quality at nursery. Mine, I bought them at 7th district,Madinet Nasr nearby DarusSalam bookstore. You need to ask,if not,they will give you turab baladi (especially when your arabic was not that strong,
"Atakallim 'arabi syuwaiyah2,maalish,mumkin auzza shuft awwalan" 
This is best dialog to divert or to cut prolongation of the discussion before they make fun of you.
Dont forget to buy fertilizer,(Simad). It is crucial esp planting vegetables in pots.

A Malaysian like me surely need Lemongrass (Serai), Tumeric leaves (Daun kunyit),Water spinach (Kangkung),Bean sprout ( taugeh). It is not that i'm not contented with veges in egypt. we just miss the flavour of our country, a malaysian is always a malysian eventhough you r living overseas. We missed to eat tomyum,kangkung masak belacan, rendang letak daun kunyit, taugeh goreng kicap.
Kalo x berusaha,susah la nak dpt.

'Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri'
Sayur mesir ni byk,segar2. But i do grow up living and eating M'sia veges. it is part of me.

Fertilizers were really expensive,thus i learnt to make own diy fertlizer. It is easy. I learn it in fb group. Kebun Bandar : Jom Tanam Sendiri
  • Baja roti (Bread fertilizer) Put some bread in water with little oxygen ventilation till it fermented(2-4 days),then mixed with another gallon on of water.  It is hot to the plant,do not pour it to the leaves. dilute it. Important!!! Quarter of my kangkung leaves turn to yellow(burning) and dried when exposed to the solution.
  • Baja air basuhan beras ( Rice water fertilizer) 

For climate suitabilty: The best time to plant is from autumn-summer-fall (March till November).Commonly, they all start to wither in winter.

i'm just using a recycle bottle,plastic to make diy pots. Make sure the water draining system is at the best. But in my opinion, it depend on the veges that you love to plant. Kangkung does not need draining system. 

here are some pictures.

Lemongrass (Serai) 2.0 ( the first one was already harvested n we didnt catch any picture of it.)
It have high compartibility with turab botani. We started with 18 and at the end, got at least 42 of them. of course,at tht time we are using a slightly expensive fertilizer. a small box cost us le 5.
Sangat puas menanam. The need to be watered at least once/daily with good draining.

They are small,this is the 1st harvest during winter and overcrowded inside one paint bucket pot.
Tumeric in turob baladi, It was like planting in clay soil when we put to much water.
After 2 months, it start to have liquefactive necrosis. Not the right soil for the tumeric.
and halves of the leaves eaten by Coo...Coo (Pigeon sound)

Beware of them,buy net to protect the veges.Important.

Kangkung seed metamorphosed to cotyledon. Using recycled bottle, no draining. the more the water,the better the result.
Another group of Kangkung

turob botany really work like sponge,the absorb the water. Excess water will be drained if you put a hole at the bottom.

They start to produce an edible leaves. It is very easy to grow kangkung at  your apartment veranda/porch.

Ready to harvest. Kangkung masak belacan,kangkung letak dlm nasi goreng, kangkung goreng berlada. Kami yg kempunan kangkung. too much kangkung in one paragraph.

Ada orang dri ruang tamu merangkak laju,curios nak tengok..haha

Fresh to cook. So green.

Pandan tree,we want to cook Nasi Lemak with pandan, Pengat pisang with pandan, Pandan cake. But you will never find pandan in egypt. Thus we try to plant the here. I think it is because of winter,and we r using turab botani which contain plenty of water,the pandan seems to growing slowly and the root start to necrosis.I didnt used pots,and no draining. It does not grow well in winter,and my soil is not enough to plant another big tree. We gave a lot of pandan to our juniors

Pandan Leaves.

Rosemary  grows well, we love to see them growing happily inside the small pot at our balcony. It is better to grow in baladi,but we r using the botani.

Thyme doesnt grow well, all of the wither and dried after two months.
We put both of them together inside one pot.
Fresh thyme are indeed beautiful. SubhanAllah.
We love using thyme to cook steaks


Mini balcony with mini experimental hobby garden

It good to have some green colour when your mini balcony have this typical view of Cairo.
welcome to the real Egyptian town.

Others that we try are Garlic, Mints (Pudina),  Parsley (Daun sup). but no picture to show here.
Of couse we start to plant vegetables with failure. Our precious cekur died,dead because we (esp me) didnt know any basic in gardening( planting with pots). From there,we (I,myself) learn to search with pro (Internet).

This is my cute buddy(my daughter) who loves to see,love to pluck serai and kangkung.
We love nature.
I hope a few later, I will post about my mini experimental aquaphonic.
later 10-20 years how the development in M'sia.

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